Failing to build your freelance recruiter database can result in losing placements. It's important to make sure you're not losing deals.

Why It’s Important To Build A Freelance Recruiter Database

How do you track your candidates? Please don’t say Excel! Having a strong and efficient database is key to being a successful recruiter. As a freelance recruiter, you’re responsible for building your recruiter database and finding qualified candidates for your

To make sure you don't miss out on placements, it's really important that you correctly manage your recruitment interview process.

Make More Placements By Managing Your Recruitment Interview Process!

When starting out as a Freelance Recruiter you will make more placements by correctly managing your recruitment interview process. Imagine this: Set up your company, Found your first client, Agreed terms, Sent them a candidate and they have requested to

Looking for a free online applicant tracking system? - This blog will show you how you can set one up that is 100% free.

How To Open A Free Online Applicant Tracking System

This guide will show you how to open a Free Online Applicant Tracking System as Freelance Recruiter. What’s coming up in this blog: Why we’re building a Free Applicant Tracking System For Freelance Recruiters Becoming an Entrepreneur/Business Owner is attractive

Are you interested in working from anywhere? Due to the rise of online platforms, freelance recruiters are able to work remotely!

Freelance Recruiters Are Now Working From Anywhere.

Freelance recruiting has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many talented recruiters spending their time working from anywhere instead of being tied down to a specific company or location. The question of whether freelance recruiters can work remotely, or

Freelance Vs Consultant - Why freelance recruiters are more flexible than recruiters working in large agencies.

Freelance Vs Consultant: Why freelance recruiters are more flexible than agency recruiters.

When comparing Freelance Vs Consultant recruiters it’s clear that freelancers have a better ability to flex to their client’s needs compared to recruiters that are working in an agency. Every year millions of people in the US are making the

Image for the blog - What is a freelance recruiter? That gives you the tips and tricks you need to get started as a freelancer.

What Is A Freelance Recruiter?

If you’re wondering what is a freelance recruiter, this blog will help you understand the positives, the negatives and how you can get started using the Giig Hire free applicant tracking system. Becoming a freelance recruiter can offer a range

If you're looking for a free candidate tracking system you will get value from the Giig Hire free forever tracker.

Introducing A Free Candidate Tracking System

We’ve launched a Free Candidate Tracking System! If you’ve ever spent a day working in recruitment, you will know that having a strong candidate network is the key to becoming successful! Ever heard that cheesy saying: “Your Network Is Your

Giig Hire is building a Free ATS for recruiters, but why? This blog explains how you can get your hands on the free forever platform.

Building A Free ATS For Recruiters, But Why?

We’re building a free ATS for Recruiters and in this blog, we’re going to explain why! Are you a recruiter that has just quit the rat race to start your own business? OR Are you a recruiter that is still

A quick guide to Freelance Recruiting! 5 things that you need to consider before making the jump to freelance.

Freelance Recruiting – 5 Things To Consider When Going Freelance.

Becoming an Independent Recruiter can offer more freedom, flexibility, and earning potential. Here’s what to keep in mind when freelance recruiting: 1. Gain experience: It is recommended to have 5 years of experience at a staffing agency before starting your own

In the Recruitment Agency Vs Freelancer debate, we believe freelance recruiters come out on top. This blog explores why!

Recruitment Agency Vs Freelancer. Which option is best?

Recruitment Agency VS Freelancer, which one is best suited to support your business? Using independent recruiters can be a great way to find top talent for your company. Known as recruiters, head-hunters or search consultants, here are some reasons why