Quick Data Entry Recruitment Agency Tool Blog. This blog covers why data entry is important for recruitment agencies and a free tool you can use to help you achieve this.

Let’s talk about data entry, recruitment agency tools! 

If you’re starting up a recruitment agency setting up your database correctly is one of the most important actions you need to take. 

However, the data entry process can be time-consuming and needs to be accurate. 

This blog covers data entry, recruitment agency tools and how you can get your hands on a free tool to import your candidates, contacts and companies.

What’s coming up:

  1. Introduction to Data Entry Tools in Recruitment
  2. Challenges in Recruitment Data Entry
  3. Features of an Effective Data Entry Tool
  4. A Free Data Entry, Recruitment Agency Tool
  5. A Quick Summary

1. Introduction to Data Entry, Recruitment Agency Tools

As a recruitment agency, you must get your data entry right. The success of your business relies on your ability to quickly identify candidates in your database that could fit your client’s open roles. 

A robust database where candidates, companies and contacts are correctly tagged with skills and locations gives you the best chance of delivering for your clients. 

Data entry tools are software applications designed to simplify and automate the process of inputting data into your recruitment database. 

Using a tool to help you manage the process will save you time and ensure your data input is accurate. 

Manually uploading the data will take a long time and could lead to mistakes in the data that will make your database unusable. 

2. Challenges In Recruitment Data Entry

As a recruitment agency, you could find yourself experiencing data entry issues which could lead to a significant loss in revenue. 

The following are common issues experienced by recruitment agencies: 

Data Inconsistencies 

Relying on manual data entry can lead to data inconsistencies, especially if you have a large team. 

Each person will have their own way of tagging and uploading the data. This could lead to other recruiters in the team struggling to find candidates on the system due to the inconsistency in how the data was uploaded. 

Manual Entry Errors

As well as being inconsistent you might find that manual data entry could also lead to errors. If things are misspelt during the data entry process candidates might be unsearchable due to spelling mistakes.

Time-Consuming Process

Asking the recruitment consultants in your agency to manually upload large datasets can become time-consuming quickly.

One of the biggest benefits to data entry, recruitment agency tools is the ability to input large amounts of data in a fraction of the time. 

Duplicate Entries

Alongside spelling mistakes and inconsistencies, you will also run the risk of duplicate entries. 

Multiple files for the same candidate can lead to your consultants doubling up on the same profile, again wasting time and causing inefficacies.


3. Features of An Effective Data Entry Tool 

So why would you use a data entry, recruitment agency tool? 

Here are a couple of benefits you’ll experience from using an effective data entry tool. 

Time Saving! 

As mentioned, you can save a huge amount of time by using an automated data entry tool. 

At Giig Hire we have a Mass CV parsing tool that can upload, skill & tag 100 candidate resumes in under 5 minutes. 

Here’s a video that shows you how it works. 

Improved Candidate Experience

Having an accurate database allows you to improve your candidate experience by making sure you’re contacting candidates about relevant positions. 

Candidates don’t want to hear from you regarding the roles that are not suitable for their profile and if you have an inaccurate database you could find yourself messaging candidates about irrelevant opportunities, damaging your reputation and providing a poor candidate experience. 

Increase In Revenue

Ensuring that you have an accurate database can lead to increased revenue. 

The recruitment industry is fast-paced and competitive, you may often find yourself competing with other agencies to fill positions. By having an accurate database you give yourself the best chance of identifying candidates before your competitors. 


Most data entry, and recruitment agency tools are fully automated. This means not only will it save you time and increase the accuracy of your data entry but it will also allow you to let the system do its thing whilst you go off and grab a coffee. 

You will probably find that you have better things to do than sit and manually enter data and automation tools will take the work off your hands and allow you to crack on with what you need to do. 

4. A Free Data Entry, Recruitment Agency Tool

After sharing the features and benefits of data entry, tools let me show you a free platform that will help you automate your recruitment data entry. 

Giig Hire

The Giig Hire platform is a free all-in-one recruitment platform that supports freelance recruiters and small recruitment businesses. 

The platform gives you access to: 

  • Recruitment ATS features 
  • Recruitment CRM features
  • A Recruitment Careers Page 
  • Recruitment AI Features 
  • Recruitment Data Entry Tools

Alongside the Free Forever version, the Giig Hire platform also has paid versions of the system and you can check out the pricing HERE.

Giig Hire has 3 different tools to help you automate your data entry. 

Mass CV Parse

Giig Hire has a ‘Mass CV Parse’ tool that allows you to drag 100 CVs into the platform at once. 

It will then parse the data from the CVs in under 5 minutes ensuring it correctly pulls the contact details, skills, past experience and certificates from the profile. 

If you’re interested in reading about the CV parse process in further detail I’ve already written a blog that covers this topic in detail. 

What Is CV Parsing? – Blog

Contact & Company CSV Import

Alongside the Mass CV parsing tool, the Giig Hire platform also allows you to bulk upload CSV files of Company and Contact data. 

You can upload Excel files containing 1000s of records to ensure the data is correctly tagged in your database. 

Giig’s ‘Advanced Search’ feature allows you to search for records by tags, which means you can quickly pull up lists of companies and contacts based on the tags you have created and then start to reach out to those contacts using the Bulk Email feature. 

A Quick Summary

Hopefully, this blog has provided you with a summary of the importance of using a data entry, recruitment agency tool when you are setting up your database!

Having the right tools on your side will increase your database’s efficiency and accuracy, ensuring you give yourself the best chance of success when starting up your recruitment agency or freelance recruiter operation.