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Free Recruitment Website Design

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How can I get connected with clients on the Giig Marketplace?

Your Candidate Database + Giig ATS = More Placements

The first step is to add your candidates to your new Applicant Tracking System.

You can simply add each candidate in 20 seconds with a name and current role title or you can mass import your candidates for a quick head start 

There are multiple benefits to skilling your candidates.

Firstly by skilling your candidates you will be able to quickly find the candidate again later down the line.

Secondly, Giig uses skills you attach to the candidate as a way to match you up with the jobs in our system. 


The next step in this process is pretty simple. Just use the platform. 

We pride ourselves in the reputation we uphold with the employers we work with and therefore we need to be able to trust you are a good freelance recruiter to present to the client. 

The best way we can achieve this is by seeing how effective you are as a recruiter across the other jobs you are working. Track the candidates through your jobs. Use the ATS as much or as little as you like. It is completely free and it could be the difference between getting matched with a client and not.

Building your candidate database is the most valuable part of any freelance recruiters business. The ability to find a candidate for a new job in quicktime is the single biggest requirement for an ATS however with the Giig ATS the ability to search your candidate database falls to the second most valueable item in your business.

This is because everytime an employer posts a new job on to the Giig Marketplace our propreitery algorithm scans candidate databases to find those that best fit the job description. If we find a match then we will connect you with the client

Ready to go?

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A Fully Personalisable Website Builder


Add titles and headings that tell your story.


Add links and buttons to direct visitors to other sites.


Upload video content to showcase your personality.

Call To Action

Add calls to action to get users to sign up for your services.

Social Media

Attach the links to your social media accounts.


Upload personalised images or choose from free stock photos.

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When you’re in need of something with more capability, you can always upgrade to our subscription package

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    AI Candidate Match
    Boolean search
    Location Search
    CV Parsing
    Unlimited Jobs
     Unlimited Candidates
     Unlimited Applicants
     Candidate Pipeline
     Interview Pipeline
     Mass Import
    Client CRM

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    This plan comes with everything available in the Free tier and also includes: 

    Job Spec Parsing
    Private Job Board
    Email Candidates
    Your Branding
    Screening Templates
    Talent Pools
    Candidate File Storage
    Goal Setting/Tracking

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Coming Soon

    This plan comes with everything available in the Free & Freelancer tiers and also includes: 

    LinkedIn Integration
    Distribute To External Job Boards
    Invoice Generation
    Interview Scheduling
    Browser Extension
    AI Candidate Matching


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Coming Soon
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    This plan comes with everything available in the other packages and also includes: 

    Video Interviewing
    Candidate Profile Creator
    Automated Sales Funnels 
    Pre-Screening Videos

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