AI Features Attached To Giig's Free Recruitment Software.

To Simplify Your Recruitment Process.

AI Recruitment Software Example Showing The Giig Hire Platform On Multiple Monitors

AI Recruitment Software To Make Your Life Easier!

When you’re working as a Freelance Recruiter it’s important you spend as much time as possible recruiting. 

The following AI features have been attached to Giig’s Free Recruitment Software. So you can spend more time on recruiting and less time on admin. 

– AI Generated Job Specs 

– AI Generated Candidate Pitches 

– AI Generated Website

– Bespoke AI content for your recruitment website

AI Recruitment Software Available In Giig Hire

AI Generated Job Summaries

Writing a job spec just got easier! 

When uploading a new job to the Giig platform you can use the ‘Generate With AI’ button to write a job summary.

 Which will then be attached to your job advert. 


AI Generated Candidate Pitches

Write the perfect pitch every time! 

When submitting candidates to your clients you want to make sure you get the pitch right. Using the ‘Generate With AI’ button you can create a candidate pitch in a matter of minutes. 

Free AI Recruitment Website Builder

The AI website builder allows you to generate your recruitment website in two clicks. 

Pick your colour and pick your website style then let the AI website builder take care of the rest!

After creating your website you can then use the AI content generator to create bespoke text for different sections of your site. 

Are You Ready To Join The Freelance Revolution?

Are You Ready To Join The Freelance Revolution?

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    AI Candidate Match
    Boolean search
    Location Search
    CV Parsing
    Unlimited Jobs
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     Candidate Pipeline
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     Mass Import
    Client CRM

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    This plan comes with everything available in the Free tier and also includes: 

    Job Spec Parsing
    Private Job Board
    Email Candidates
    Your Branding
    Screening Templates
    Talent Pools
    Candidate File Storage
    Goal Setting/Tracking

Coming Soon
Coming Soon

    This plan comes with everything available in the Free & Freelancer tiers and also includes: 

    LinkedIn Integration
    Distribute To External Job Boards
    Invoice Generation
    Interview Scheduling
    Browser Extension
    AI Candidate Matching


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Coming Soon
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    This plan comes with everything available in the other packages and also includes: 

    Video Interviewing
    Candidate Profile Creator
    Automated Sales Funnels 
    Pre-Screening Videos

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