An image showing the free recruitment dashboard which is available as part of the Giig Hire's Free Software

Free Recruitment Dashboard

Are you looking for a free recruitment dashboard? If so, You’ve come to the right place! Access The Free Recruitment Dashboard Today! Let’s get straight into it! Here’s how you can access the free recruitment dashboard today! Tracking your recruitment

This blog explains why a recruitment marketplace can be a better hiring option than a software developer recruitment agency.

Why a Recruitment Marketplace Outshines a Traditional Software Developer Recruitment Agency

If you need recruitment support when it comes to hiring software developers this blog will provide you with a rundown of why a recruitment marketplace can be a better option when compared to a Software Developer Recruitment Agency.  Coming up

Is It possible to build an AI recruitment agency? This blog explains how Giig Hire helps freelance recruiters with AI candidate matching

How To Match Candidates Using AI.

Introduction: Do you think it’s possible to build an AI recruitment agency? Do you think the recruitment industry is going to be transformed by AI Recruitment?  At Giig Hire, we’re trying to push the boundaries when it comes to implementing

Are you in need of a freelance recruiter website? Giig Hire's AI website builder will help you create a website in a matter of minutes!

How To Build A Freelance Recruiter Website Using AI

AI Recruitment is on the rise!!! In this blog, I cover how you can use the Giig Hire Freelance Recruiter Website Builder to create a freelance recruitment website. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 months

We're recording our business start up stories. This blog recalls how it's taken 6 years to achieve a 6-month goal.

Business Start Up Stories – It’s Taken 6 Years To Achieve My 6 Month Goal.

Yep, You read that right, It’s taken six years to hit a 6-month goal. I’ll be honest; I’m still trying to figure out if that’s something I should be proud of or embarrassed by!!! If I cast my mind back

Need a recruiter website? This blog will run you through how to launch your very own site in under 5 minutes.

How To Build A Recruiter Website In Under 5 Minutes!!

On Your Marks, Get Set, Build A Website! It is possible to build a Freelance Recruiter Website in under 5 minutes! When you’ve made the decision that you’re going to become a freelance recruiter, you will soon realise that there’s

Looking for a recruitment website builder? - The Giig Hire builder is free and you can use it to launch your recruitment website today.

We’ve Launched A Free Recruitment Website Builder.. But Why?

First things first… You need a website You read that right! We’ve launched a free recruitment website builder and in this blog, we’re going to explain why! When starting up as a Freelance Recruiter, one of the first things that

Candidate Pipeline Management is one of the most important tasks. Failing to manage your candidate pipeline will impact your bottom line.

The Importance of Candidate Pipeline Management

Sometimes as a freelance recruiter, it’s easy to forget the importance of candidate pipeline management! Have you ever found yourself in a position where you’re scratching your head trying to remember which candidate replied to you last week tell you that they

Looking to set up a UK recruitment database? This blog shows you how you can set up a recruitment database for free.

How To Set Up A Free UK Recruitment Database

In this blog, I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to set up a free UK Recruitment Database that’s ‘Free Forever’. If you find it easier to watch a video you can tune into the demo of how to

Looking for a Free Recruitment Database? - The Giig Hire platform is a free forever database that you can use to build your business.

How To Build A Free Recruitment Database

When starting out as a Freelance Recruiter the first activity on your list should be building a recruitment database, candidates will be the lifeblood of your business and you must find a way to keep track of people you’re building