Make The World Your Office: Can Freelance Recruiters Work Remotely?

Freelance recruiting has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many talented recruiters choosing to work for themselves instead of being tied down to a specific company or location. The question of whether freelance recruiters can work remotely, or if

Personalisation at Its Finest: Why Freelance Recruiters Are More Flexible Than Agency Recruiters

Every year millions of people in the US are making the switch from working in large corporates to working as Freelancers. Back in 2017, the freelancer market totaled a whopping 57.3 million freelancers and since then has only got bigger,

How Can Freelance Recruiters Track Their Candidates For Free?

If you’ve ever spent a day working in recruitment, you will know that having a strong candidate network is the key to becoming successful! Ever heard that cheesy saying: “Your Network Is Your Net Worth” Well in the recruitment game,

Building A Free ATS For Freelance Recruiters, But Why?

Are you a recruiter that has just quit the rat race to start your own business? OR Are you a recruiter that is still part of the rat race but is thinking of breaking away and starting up as a

How Do I Adapt For The Future of Recruitment?

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash Let’s all be real for a second, nobody likes change! People constantly turn their noses up at the idea that they might have to change the way they work. People like consistency and security…