How you can use Giig's Free Sourcing Tracker to launch your Freelance Recruiter Career

Building a recruitment business requires going beyond tracking candidates on spreadsheets, especially in a market that’s as competitive as the recruitment industry.

Recruitment software can often cost a small fortune but it isn’t the only way to track your candidates.  

This is exactly why a free sourcing tracker can be a game-changer!

A free sourcing tracker is a powerful tool that allows you to manage and grow your recruitment pipeline and business without breaking the bank.

This blog explores why Giig is building a free sourcing tracker, how you can get your hands on it and all the benefits you can get for free. 

Why Giig’s Building A Free Sourcing Tracker? 

With the rise of the gig economy, there’s an increase in the number of recruiters leaving agencies to chase the dream of working solo! 

The recruitment industry is perfect for freelancing as it has low start-up costs and allows you to work remotely. 

When starting a recruitment company the aim is to keep costs low and one way to do this is to avoid paying for recruitment software and tracking your candidates manually using Excel.

Initially, this seems logical as it saves you from paying for expensive recruitment software. 

However, there is a flaw. 

Failing to track your business using the right tools will result in a loss of revenue. 

You quickly lose track of which candidates could be good for which roles and fail to make placements. 

This is exactly why Giig is building a free sourcing tracker, to support freelance recruiters and start-up agencies by helping you to keep on top of your candidate database. 

If you’re an early-stage business owner in the recruitment space you can use Giig’s free sourcing tracker which has no trial period and no restriction on the data you can store on it. 

You can sign up without a credit card and only need an email address to create an account.

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The All-In-One Platform

Alongside its extortionate cost, recruitment software is also fragmented.

To start your business, you’ll find yourself paying for and managing multiple platforms. 

Which can become confusing pretty quickly! 

Our vision at Giig is to revolutionise starting a recruitment company by providing you with all the tools you need to become your own boss. 

Just like how Shopify has empowered entrepreneurs to start and grow their own online businesses, we believe that recruiters around the world should have the same opportunity to build and expand a recruitment agency. 

To help you achieve this we have created an all-in-one platform which gives you access to all the tools in one place. At this current moment in time, the Giig platform contains:

Breakdown of Giig’s Free Sourcing Tracker Features.

We aim to keep improving what’s available in the Free Sourcing Tracker. To succeed in the mission of helping freelance recruiters and start-up agencies kick-start companies for free.

We’re trying to offer something that has minimal restrictions and as many useful features as possible. 

That is why there is no restriction on the amount of data you can store on the platform or the time period that you can use it. 

Here are some of the most popular features available on the free sourcing tracker. 

Unlimited Storage

One of the biggest benefits of Giig’s Sourcing Tracker is the ability to store unlimited data. Our current user base likes the fact there is no restriction on tracking:

  • Jobs
  • Candidates
  • Companies
  • Contacts

The ability to track as much data as you like means you can truly start building your recruitment business. Some souring trackers claim to be free but place restrictions on the number of jobs or candidates that you can store on the system before you are required to upgrade. 

Drag-n-Drop Pipelines 

Managing interview processes is one of the most important parts of recruitment. It’s pivotal that you know how many candidates you have interviewing and what stages they are at.

The free forever version of Giig comes with two different drag-and-drop pipelines. The ATS pipeline and the Interview pipeline. 

The ATS pipeline allows you to keep track of the candidates that you’re pipelining for your clients. 

The interview pipeline allows you to keep on top of the candidates interviewing with your clients. 

The interactive elements of the drag-and-drop pipelines make them one of the most popular features with our free users. 

Email Integration

It’s pivotal that you keep track of the communication between you, your clients and your candidates. Making sure you have a CRM that allows this is a must.

The free version of the Giig Hire platform allows you to connect your emails so that you can monitor all past communication and send emails directly from the platform. 

Currently, the system only allows for integrations with Microsoft-related emails, which includes Outlook, Live, Hotmail & Office 365. 

We are currently working through the approval process with Gmail and hope that it goes live in the next couple of weeks. 

Website Builder & Careers Page

Every recruitment business needs an online presence/website, which is why Giig’s website builder has become a fundamental part of the platform. 

Instead of building your website on one platform and having your database/jobs on a second platform Giig gives you the option to keep everything together!

It can be a time-consuming task to integrate your website careers page with your database, and Giig removes all of this hassle for you! 

You can launch an account in a matter of seconds, create your website, launch your careers page and the system will synch up seamlessly. 

Any candidates that apply to your open positions will automatically be added to your ATS without the need for you to do anything. 

On the Free Forever version of the platform, you can launch a free website which is hosted by Giig on a domain address. 

Should you wish to switch it to your own personalised domain, you can do so by upgrading to the Giig starter pack for $12 per month. 

Success Stories

Whenever we’re spreading the word on the Free Forever version of our Giig we are often faced with the same common objections: 

  • How can it be free? 
  • Why is it free? 
  • What’s the catch? 

Which makes sense! 

If I was in your position and stumbled across a FREE FOREVER product my thought process would be the same. It feels too good to be true! 

In an attempt to show that the value we’re trying to offer is true value we’ve started to collect reviews on our Trustpilot page from our current users because it’s one thing us saying it but we feel like it holds more weight coming from our user base. 

Here’s the link if you’re interested in checking out our Trustpilot page! 


Interested in taking a peak behind the curtain to see what the platform is actually like? 

well, you’re in luck. 

For the last year, we have been running a YouTube channel where we upload videos of the features of the platform so that you can take a look at exactly how it works before you decide to commit. 

You can check out the clips on the YouTube channel HERE and if you have any further questions you can reach out to us via where we’re always happy to help.