Free Recruitment Software Launch Your Recruitment Business Without Costs

You read that right! 

At Giig Hire, we’re building free recruitment software to support Freelance Recruiters & Startup Agencies. 

You can now get your hands on an all-in-one platform that gives you access to all the tools you need to launch a recruitment company and the best part…


Giig has a ‘Free Forever’ version, that has no trial period and doesn’t require a credit card on signup. 

You can create an account by simply providing an email address! 

Before diving into the finer details of how this all works. Let me quickly outline the upcoming topics, so you can skip to the parts that interest you the most. 

  1. Introduction to ‘Giig’
  2. The Rise of The Startup Recruiter
  3. Why Recruiters Need Software
  4. The Cost Factor
  5. Features of Giig’s Free All-In-One Platform
  6. Community Building and Collaboration
  7. Testimonials & Stats
  8. Support & Training
  9. Future Developments & Expansion

Introduction to Giig: 

I think we can all agree… 

The main reason you clicked on this blog is to understand what’s available in Giig’s free recruitment software.

So I promise, I’ll keep this introduction short so that we can get into the juicy stuff. 

To truly understand why we’re building recruitment software and giving it away for free, I feel it’s helpful for you to understand the brand behind the product.

Since its humble beginnings, Giig has been on a mission to support freelance recruiters and start-up agencies by providing the tools you need to launch and grow your recruitment businesses. 

At Giig we believe the working world is changing. 

We believe that gig economy workers will become an integral part of the world economy. 

For anyone unaware: 

Gig workers are independent contractors, online platform workers, contract firm workers, on-call workers, and temporary workers. Gig workers enter into formal agreements with on-demand companies to provide services to the company’s clients.

So as you can hopefully tell by our company name… 

Giig’s mission is to support early-stage recruiters around the globe who are setting up as independent contractors or building small agencies. 

We understand that as a start-up company money will initially be tight, which is why we have a free forever version of our product. 

Something that will allow you to launch your recruitment company without costs. 

The Rise of The Startup Recruiter

The freelance revolution has begun! 

In 2023, the projected gross volume of the gig economy was expected to reach 455.2 billion U.S. dollars (Statista) which has increased dramatically from $204 billion in 2018. 

As people continue to switch to freelancing roles across all industries it creates a need for a product which provides recruitment software for the ‘Start-Up Recruiter’.

A start-up recruiter is anyone in the early stages of launching a recruitment company. They could title themselves as a ‘Freelance Recruiter’, ‘Independent Recruiter’ or “Bespoke Agency’. 

Regardless of the title, we feel like anyone at the founding stage of creating a recruitment business has challenges to overcome that are not supported by the current recruitment software providers. 

In the current market, most recruitment software providers are creating products that are better suited to large agencies, who face different challenges when compared to smaller start-ups. 

Recruitment software usually comes with expensive monthly commitments and long onboarding processes. Onboarding with a recruitment software supplier can often involve several demos/onboarding calls before you can access an account. 

Which seems irrelevant for the smaller set-up 

This is why Giig makes it simple to get started. You can open an account instantly using just an email address. 

There’s no trial period and no need to provide credit card details. You can fire up an account in a matter of minutes and with Giig’s simple layout and design start building your database instantly. 

The Giig platform is an all-in-one solution which currently includes: 

When starting a business recruiters juggle multiple platforms and paid subscriptions. 

Giig simplifies this by providing all the tools in one platform.

Why Recruiters Need Software: 

This one is pretty simple. 

Recruiters (especially business owners) need software to track and manage the clients/candidates that they are working with. 

As a recruiter, you’ll find yourself juggling multiple jobs and clients at the same time and it’s impossible to remember everything! 

This is why it’s pivotal that start-up recruiters use software. 

Even though you know that recruitment software is an important part of growing your business there’s a common issue that most recruitment founders face. 

Money is tight when starting!

Which makes it difficult to pay for software. 

Until that first deal comes in, you have to be careful with what you spend. 

This often leads people to make the mistake of tracking things manually. Which usually results in missed opportunities because you’re failing to track things correctly! 

This is the problem that Giig solves.

Giig provides you with a free forever platform, which allows you to track and manage your workload, without paying a penny. 

We hope that by gifting you free software, it will be easier for you to keep on top of things and get that first placement across the line with ease! 

The Cost Factor: 

Okay, I know what you’re thinking 

“This all sounds great Luke, but what’s the catch” 

We all know there is no such thing as a free lunch, right? 

Well here’s the catch 

Giig has paid for versions of our software that we hope you will subscribe to when the time is right for you. 

We hope that by providing you with genuine value upfront you will think of supporting the platform when you can. 

Which is how we make our money. 

Here’s a copy of our pricing table to see for yourself.

Even though we have the paid versions, we still believe that the free version of our platform has genuine value. 

We do not restrict how long you can use the platform and there is no restriction on the amount of data you can store/manage on the platform. 

The Free Forever version includes: 

  • A Free Website
  • Unlimited Candidates 
  • Unlimited Jobs
  • Unlimited Contacts 
  • Email Integration (Currently only Outlook, Google coming soon) 
  • Drag and Drop Pipelines
  • Job Board

All without spending a penny!

Features of Giig’s Free ATS Software: 

In the last paragraph, I outlined some of the top features available in the free version of the platform and I feel like it’s important to break it down in detail for you. 

Free Website

One of the first activities on every start-up recruiter’s list is to build a website! 

Building and managing a website can be challenging and that’s the first problem Giig aims to solve. 

When you open an account with Giig you can set up a website in a matter of minutes and start to customise it to your brand. 

When you’re happy with the final product you can share it with the world and continue to keep improving/adjusting the content. 

The website is accessible inside the Giig platform which makes the management simple. 

Interested in seeing a Giig website?

I’ve attached a video to a YouTube tutorial which shows you how you can build a clean and professional website using the Giig platform. 

Unlimited Candidates

This one is fairly self-explanatory! 

As a recruiter, you need a database with the ability to store, manage and search for candidates.

All of this is possible using the free version of Giig. 

You can store candidates in the database by simply dragging CVs into the system. Giig’s CV parse feature will then quickly extract the candidate’s details for you. 

I must point out that the free version of the platform limits you to 20 CV parse credits a month. However, these credits do refresh on the 1st of every month and when your credits run out, you can still manually upload candidates to the platform. 

You just have to fill out the details yourself. 

Attached below is a 30-second demo which shows you how simple it is to upload a candidate. 

Unlimited Jobs

Like tracking candidates, tracking jobs is also another important part of building a successful recruitment company! 

Giig’s free forever version makes it simple to keep on top of all the jobs you’re working on and again there is no restriction on the number of jobs you can track. 

Here’s another 30-second demo which shows you exactly how this feature works. 

Unlimited Companies

If you’re going to track the candidates and jobs that you’re working on, you will also need to keep on top of the companies you’re working to support!

Again, like with candidates and jobs, there’s no restriction on the number of companies you can track and yes you guessed it! 

I have another 30-second demo for you which shows you just how simple it is to add a company.

Email Integration

With the recruitment world moving at 1 million mph, it’s important to stay on top of all the communication between you and your clients! 

Having to track every note manually can be a bore, which is why we’ve implemented an email integration. So that all your written communication is automatically stored. 

Currently, this is only available for Microsoft users with an Outlook, Live or Hotmail address. 

It will soon be available for Gmail too, however, we’re waiting for final approval from Google before we’re able to launch. 

Again I have attached a video which shows you how you connect your email and send/receive messages directly from the platform. 

Drag & Drop Pipelines

The drag-and-drop pipelines available in the free version of Giig are one of the most popular features with our current user base! 

Drag and drop pipelines make it simple for you to keep track of where everyone is that you’re tracking in your sales and interview processes. 

The platform currently has ATS & Interview pipelines so you can track your candidates and we’re working on a CRM pipeline which will allow you to track the companies/contacts in your sales funnel. 

If you want to see the pipelines in action, I have another video for you!

Job Board

Having the ability to advertise the jobs you’re working on is a must for any recruiter starting. 

When you land that first role to work on you want to make sure that you spread the word and give the option for candidates to apply. 

Giig’s free website also comes with the ability to advertise your roles on a job board which is linked to your site. With the free version of the platform you’re allowed to share 3 jobs at one time and they can be rotated as often as you like. 

The jobs are also shareable on social media via the quick links found at the top of each job. It’s important to share the links on your social channels so that candidates can apply. 

When you first launch your Giig website you will have limited traffic so it’s unlikely that candidates will apply organically. When candidates do follow your links and apply to your roles their details will automatically be added to your ATS and you will be able to review that application. 

Community Building and Collaboration: 

Alongside providing the tools required to launch a successful recruitment company Giig’s long-term aim is to create a community between freelance recruiters across the globe. 

One of the biggest downsides to freelancing is the isolation you experience when you’re not part of a team. 

By focusing on supporting the freelance community Giig sees a future opportunity to connect the recuriters on the platform allowing users to collaborate by sharing knowledge and candidates. 

Creating a sense of community with the users on the Giig platform feels like another way to give freelancers the best chance of success. 

Testimonials & Stats 

As one of the new kids on the block, we understand the need to create validation around the platform we’re building. As of Jan 2024, Giig is being used by recruiters in over 50 countries. 

With every month that passes Giig continues to grow and in January 2024 Giig has seen 258 new recruiters open accounts on the platform.

In November of 2023, we started collecting reviews on Trustpilot from recruiters who are using both the paid and free versions of the platform. 

Here’s the link should you wish to read them 

Giig Trustpilot

Support and Training: 

Alongside making it simple to get started our aim at Giig is to provide as much support as possible in the form of video tutorials. 

When it comes to the platform, we’re an open book. Showing you exactly what’s possible with the system and explaining how you get the best out of Giig. 

Our YouTube channel currently contains 77 videos which are a combination of demo videos and industry advice.

Giig YouTube

In the future, we have plans to provide training materials for those recruiters who are new to the game. 

We hope to build a recruitment academy that will allow recruiters with no experience to start to learn the ropes and make a success out of a career as a recruiter.

Future Developments and Expansion: 

Giig is a small start-up with big ambitions. Everything that I have shared with you in this blog is just the start of the value that we believe we can bring to freelance recruiters. 

In the short term, we have several features planned out that will become part of the paid and free versions of our software. 

The current product roadmap includes: 

  • A CRM Pipeline 
  • The ability to Shortlist Candidates 
  • Talent Pools 
  • Data Storage
  • Goal Setting 
  • Tasks & Reminders 
  • Google Chrome LinkedIn Extension 
  • Invoice Creation 

That’s just to name a few! 

The vision of Giig is to become the all-in-one solution for early-stage recruitment founders and we feel like we’re only just getting started! 

Get In Touch 

If you’re keen to get started now, you can create an account by following the link below. 

Giig Hire Free Recruitment Software

However, if you have any further questions or would like to speak with someone before signing up, you can reach out to us via