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Finally A Free ATS For Freelance Recruiters

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Keep Your Jobs In One Place

When embarking on the journey to becoming a successful Freelance Recruiter money is tight.

So, naturally, you want to avoid dropping loads of cash on a recruitment ATS.

Which usually means you resort to unsuccessfully tracking your jobs using a spreadsheet.

Well, fear not, we’ve got you covered!

You can start attaching all of your jobs to the Giig ATS today for free without limitations.

Never Let Another Candidate Slip Through The Net!

We’ve all been there!!!

You’ve found the perfect candidate but they’re not ready to move jobs today.

As a Freelance Recruiter, it’s easy to forget the candidates you spoke with last week which means you lose out on future deals.

Make sure you never let candidates slip through the net by attaching them to your ATS.

Track Interview Processes From Start To Finish

You’ve hooked someone who’s showing interest but remember.

This is where the management begins.

To make sure you keep the wheels turning with minimal effort we’ve built you an interview pipeline board which allows you to manage candidates every step of the way.

Get Started Today For Free

Okay Sounds Interesting. But What's The Catch?

Fear not, there are no hidden costs or catches!

There is no cost to using Giig's ATS - You can sign up for free in minutes and there is no need to use a credit card.


We do not restrict how long you can use it. It's free forever!

A free system isn't truly free if there are restrictions on how much you can use it.

This is why we do not restrict the number of jobs or candidates you can track at any one time.


Our aim is to help you be successful as a Freelance Recruiter​

Track Your Jobs

Add all the jobs you're working on, without any limits.

Track Your Candidates

Track every candidate through the process, from prospecting to hire.


Make use of the visual boards to easily view and manage your candidates every step of the way.

Client Matching

By building your candidate database on Giig you have the chance of connecting with Giig clients.

Risk Free

It's free to sign up, free to add jobs and free to track all your candidates. No risk, at all!

This Is Only The Start

We are constantly looking to improve and will be adding new features to the ATS monthly.

Your Job Board (Coming Soon)

Every job you add to Giig will automatically populate onto job boards so that your candidates can directly apply for your roles.

Candidate Reviews (Coming Soon)

Start building your portfolio by collecting reviews from your candidates to showcase your skills as a recruiter.

Website (Coming Soon)

Boost your online presence with a website that shows off your performance stats from the platform.

How can I get connected with clients on the Giig Marketplace?

Your Candidate Database + Giig ATS = More Placements

The first step is to add your candidates to your new Applicant Tracking System.

You can simply add each candidate in 20 seconds with a name and current role title or you can mass import your candidates for a quick head start 

There are multiple benefits to skilling your candidates.

Firstly by skilling your candidates you will be able to quickly find the candidate again later down the line.

Secondly, Giig uses skills you attach to the candidate as a way to match you up with the jobs in our system. 


The next step in this process is pretty simple. Just use the platform. 

We pride ourselves in the reputation we uphold with the employers we work with and therefore we need to be able to trust you are a good freelance recruiter to present to the client. 

The best way we can achieve this is by seeing how effective you are as a recruiter across the other jobs you are working. Track the candidates through your jobs. Use the ATS as much or as little as you like. It is completely free and it could be the difference between getting matched with a client and not.

Building your candidate database is the most valuable part of any freelance recruiters business. The ability to find a candidate for a new job in quicktime is the single biggest requirement for an ATS however with the Giig ATS the ability to search your candidate database falls to the second most valueable item in your business.

This is because everytime an employer posts a new job on to the Giig Marketplace our propreitery algorithm scans candidate databases to find those that best fit the job description. If we find a match then we will connect you with the client