It's the biggest battle of this millennium. Who do you think will come out on top in the Zoho Recruit Pricing Vs Giig Hire Pricing duel?

In this blog, we compare one of the long-standing ATS platforms with the more recent applicant tracking system that we, Giig Hire, released. By analysing the differences in features and costs, we compare both Zoho Recruit pricing and Giig Hire pricing whilst highlighting their key features and what both of these recruitment platforms have to offer. Where Giig Hire provides a free applicant tracking system and other free tools specifically designed to support freelance recruiters, we will run through both the free and paid-for tools that both Giig Hire and Zoho Recruit have to offer.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a software company that provides tools such as their applicant tracking system (ATS) which is designed to assist businesses and recruiting agencies streamline their hiring process. Within their ATS, they provide an extensive range of automation, analytical, and communication functionalities. Utilising these features and software integrations, you can publish jobs, parse CVs, and import applicant data into your recruitment database. Zoho Recruit also incorporates AI capabilities, offers customisation options and you can create a dedicated CV inbox where applicants can submit their CVs. The CVs in this inbox are then automatically parsed and added to your database.

Key features of Zoho Recruit:

  1. Candidate Management: The platform allows users to create and maintain a database of candidates, store their resumes, and track their progress throughout the recruitment process.
  2. Job Posting and Management: Zoho Recruit enables users to create and publish job openings on various job boards and websites. It helps manage job postings and allows for easy updates and changes.
  3. Applicant Tracking: The system tracks candidates’ applications and manages their status through different stages of the hiring process, making it easier to identify suitable candidates.
  4. Customisable Workflows: Zoho Recruit provides the flexibility to customize the recruitment workflow based on specific organizational requirements.
  5. Interview Scheduling: The platform helps in scheduling interviews with candidates and managing interview feedback efficiently.
  6. Integration: Zoho Recruit integrates with various other Zoho applications and third-party tools, enhancing its functionality and compatibility with existing workflows.

Zoho Recruit Pricing:

The Zoho Recruit pricing page highlights the multiple plans available. There are four options that consist of the Forever Free, Standard, Professional and Enterprise plan. The Forever Free option unfortunately only allows one active job but gives you the ability to manage candidates, emails, and schedule interviews. This will be suitable for an internal team that only has one hire or anyone looking to trial the software. The Standard plan at £24 per month then allows 100 active job postings and includes features such as CV management, applicant tracking and a talent pipeline to utilise. Then at £48 per month, you have the professional plan which includes all the Forever Free and Standard plan features and adds AI candidate matching, candidate assessment options and analytics. Then finally, the Enterprise plan at £72 per month comes with further integrations and more automation.


  • Straightforward pricing structure
  • Integrations with other Zoho products
  • Customisable Automation
  • AI Candidate Matching


  • No 24/7 customer support
  • The Free version is extremely limited with 1 job slot available and minimal tools
  • AI candidate matching is only included in the professional plan
  • A large number of advanced features can be overwhelming for beginners

Giig Hire

Giig Hire is an all-in-one platform specifically designed for anyone looking to become a freelance recruiter or independent recruiter. At Giig Hire, we recognise the value of freelance recruiters and are committed to empowering them with the resources they need to thrive. Our mission is to revolutionise the recruitment industry by providing freelance recruiters with access to an exceptional suite of free tools, including a state-of-the-art free Applicant Tracking System (ATS), a powerful free Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, and a customisable free Website Builder. In addition, the Giig hire platform encompasses a freelance recruiter marketplace so offers the added value of potentially connecting you with future clients.

The heart of efficient recruitment lies in an effective applicant tracking system, and at Giig Hire, we have built one with this in mind. Our free ATS streamlines the candidate selection process with advanced search features, CV parsing, candidate skilling and AI candidate matching. The free ATS enhances productivity and enables recruiters to identify the best talent for their clients. Similarly, the free CRM we provide empowers you to manage client interactions, keep track of communication history, and foster long-term partnerships. By centralising client data and interactions, you are able to focus on delivering personalised and exceptional service all in the same platform.

Key features of Giig Hire:

  1. Applicant Tracking: The system tracks candidates’ applications and manages their status through different stages of the hiring process, making it easier to identify suitable candidates.
  2. Interview Pipeline: The platform’s interview pipeline will help in tracking interviews and staying up to date with candidates and managing interview feedback efficiently.
  3. AI Candidate Matching: The platform will allow you to utilise artificial intelligence to automate and improve the process of matching candidates with job openings.
  4. CV & Job Spec Parsing: Drag and drop a CV or job description and the platform will quickly extract and store the necessary data and skills.
  5. Free Website Builder: Having a strong online presence is crucial for any freelance recruiter and our user-friendly free website builder is an excellent product to support you in attracting both clients and candidates putting you in an excellent position.
  6. Free Website Builder AI Tool: The AI tool linked with the free website builder supports you in creating a stand-out website in a short space of time.
  7. Coming soon: Video Interviewing, Further Automation, Pre-screening videos and numerous integrations.

Giig Hire Pricing:

The Giig Hire platform also includes multiple plans, consisting of Forever Free, Freelancer, Business, and an Enterprise plan, with monthly user costs from free to $85 per month. Giig Hire’s Forever Free plan includes CV parsing, unlimited jobs, unlimited candidates, unlimited applicants, a candidate pipeline board, an interview pipeline, mass import, client CRM, and a free website builder. With this many tools and little limitation, it is hard to compete with. With this in mind, this is an excellent option for any freelance recruiter or small agency.


  • Excellent value for money with the tools available in the free plan
  • Free website builder
  • AI Candidate Matching available in the free plan


  • No 24/7 customer support
  • Video Interviewing, Pre-screening videos are not available yet


Both Giig Hire and Zoho Recruit are affordable solutions with solid AI features and a strong overall recruitment toolset. Having examined both the Zoho Recruit pricing page and Giig Hire pricing page it is evident that both are great options with Zoho being more focused towards agencies and HR teams, whilst Giig is very much focused towards supporting freelance recruiters. If you are a freelance recruiter then the Giig free applicant tracking system has everything you will need and at a very affordable price if not the free version. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your specific recruitment needs, budget, and preferences. We recommend having a look at both before making your decision.