Are you in need of a freelance recruiter website? Giig Hire's AI website builder will help you create a website in a matter of minutes!

AI Recruitment is on the rise!!! In this blog, I cover how you can use the Giig Hire Freelance Recruiter Website Builder to create a freelance recruitment website.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 months you’re probably well aware that artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be taking off this year.

Now, before I dive into showing you how to build a AI recruitment website, I should start with a disclaimer:

I’m definitely not an expert in AI, so if you’re looking for some profound insight into what the future holds regarding AI…

I’m not your guy!

However, from what I have seen so far, I think it’s going to be an exciting space to watch over the next couple of years!

How To Build A Recruitment Website Using AI

In this blog, I will cover how you can use the Giig Hire AI Website Builder to create a bespoke recruitment website in a matter of minutes.

About a month ago we launched a ‘Free Website Builder’ for Freelance Recruiters which attaches to our all-in-one recruitment platform.

The all-in-one recruitment platform now includes:

Here’s the link for anyone interested

The All-In-One Freelance Recruiter Platform

After watching and assessing the quality of the websites that were being created using the Free Website Builder it became very clear why recruiters work in recruitment and not graphic design.

So we went back to the drawing board and started to look for ways to make things even easier for the user.

Which lead us very quickly to AI!

Could we find a way to use AI to help recruiters create a bespoke website in a matter of minutes?

The short answer is…

We think we can!

After a few weeks of tinkering away with the platform and creating an integration with OpenAI, we’ve put together a builder which creates a bespoke recruitment website with a single click of a button.

Using information gathered in the signup process, the platform will pick images, fonts, spacing and even create written content.

If you’re interested in watching it in action I’ve attached a demo video from our YouTube channel.

As you can see in the video, all that’s now required is that you pick the colours that match your brand and then decide if you want a single-page or multi-page website.

Each website the platform creates will be unique with different images, text & layouts.

As we improve the data that’s collected by the Giig Hire platform it will increase the variety of options that are available.

How Will This Help?

With every software update that we push, our aim is to help you get more out of your career as a Freelance Recruiter.

We think the AI Website builder will help you by:

A. Improving Time Efficiency:

By eliminating the need for professional web developers, you can save time from engaging and briefing a consultant or save the time you would spend trying to build a website on your own.

B. Customization and Personalization:

The AI website builder allows you to showcase your unique branding, skills, and accomplishments, enabling you to differentiate yourself from competitors.

C. Reducing Cost:

Professional web developers can be expensive! By using the AI website builder you reduce the need to pay for someone to help you design and build your site.

D. Inspiration:

A foundation to build upon. The AI builder will act as a source of inspiration to help you get started when you are scratching your head wondering where to start.

E. Brand Awareness:

As a Freelance Recruiter, you might decide not to build a website, to save on the time and money investment. Not having a website can be detrimental to your brand and company exposure. The Giig Hire AI website builder will give you the benefit of building a website without the pain of paying for one!

Is there more to come?

The short answer is, yes!

As we were going through the motions of creating the AI website builder it got us thinking about other ways we can implement AI into the platform to help you as a freelance recruiter get more out of your week.

Personally, I don’t think that AI will replace the human element of recruitment. In my opinion, helping someone transition from one job to another will always require a human touch that AI will not be able to replace.

In our lifetime anyway,

Who knows what the future holds!

Our plans for integrating AI into the Giig Hire platform are aimed at supporting you by reducing the time you will spend on manual tasks.

Job Spec Creation

Writing up job specs is a key activity for any recruiter! Most ATS/Database systems will help you to advertise your job across multiple job boards but we want to take it one step further than that.

We want to help you to write it.

Using the information you enter into the platform when creating a job we plan to use AI to take that information and turn it into a job specification that you can then share on multiple job boards.

Candidate Pitch Creation

When sending a candidate to one of your clients I imagine that you will write a pitch, explaining exactly why you think that they’re relevant for the role.

Using the same strategy as the job spec creation we will take the information that you provide when you upload a candidate to the platform to create a pitch that will hopefully help your candidate secure an interview.

If I’m honest, this is a use case where I’m not 100% sure how effective AI will be.

Where (as the recruiter) you have spoken with the candidate, I feel like your ability to write an engaging pitch for the candidate should be head and shoulders above what an AI tool can create.

I guess we will see!

E-mail Generation

As a freelance recruiter, you will spend a lot of time in your e-mail inbox following up with your candidates and clients.

You’ll find yourself writing, sales e-mails, new job e-mails, feedback e-mails… The list goes on!

E-mail creation is another space where we think we can implement AI to help you spend less time writing and more time building relationships.

Over the next couple of months, we plan to implement the improvements mentioned above and will be thinking of other ways that we can bring AI into the recruitment process to make your life easier!