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Giig is the first marketplace for freelance recruiters!

In todays world more and more people are leaving the big corporates to set up as an independent headhunter.

This means the recruitment industry is becoming increasingly fragmented, which creates a problem for you as an employer. It makes it increasingly time consuming to navigate the industry and understand who's best placed to support you.

Giig solves this issue for you by centralising freelance recruiters under one roof. So, as an employer there is now one standardised contract and one portal to engage freelance recruiters and then manage the recruitment process.

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Picking a recruiter can also be hard, which is why we have created a rating system where the freelancers are scored and reviewed based on their past performance.

Do you find yourself wasting time negotiating contracts with recruitment firms? Giig also solves this issue for you as every recruiter on the platform adheres to the Giig T's & C's. This means that once you've agreed to the standard terms, you can work with any recruiter on the platform, with the peace of mind that you're covered.

Finally, to make it that bit sweeter for you, we don't charge you to use the platform! Unfortunately, you still have to pay the recruitment fee (which is set by you at the start) but you're under no obligation to pay a penny to anyone, until your new hire walks into your building.

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What Our Customers
are Saying.

Giig made finding several recruiters very simple. We were able to specify a fee, share a job spec and manage candidates all from one platform. We were only able to fill a challenging role thanks to Giig's help.

Peter Thum-Bonanno Picture
Peter Thum-Bonanno
Co-Founder and CTO of GetAgent

Giig is a fantastic platform that really fills a gap in the current recruiting landscape. The site is intuitive to use, the recruiters are knowledgeable and responsive and the pricing is completely transparent. I will definitely be using Giig again in the future and can recommend it to anyone.

Philip Deutsh Picture
Philipp Deutsch
Data Scientist at Capricorn Capital Partners UK

Giig's standardised contract makes things simple. Everyone works to the same agreement, so you don't waste time reviewing contracts and can jump straight into the search process.

Luke Creigh Picture
Luke Creigh
CEO, Optibid

The rate and review system makes the process of finding recruiters simple. When posting a job, I get calls from recruiters all the time. Giig prevented that issue and allowed me to review and pick recruiters in my own time.

James Robinson
CEO & Founder

The Giig platform allows us to reach a wider talent pool using dedicated and committed recruiters. The upfront approach to pricing and the 'pitch' from the interested recruiters make it a painless and swift process. The system is easy to navigate and means you still keep the personal touch.

Andrew Walker Picture
Andrew Walker
Head of Recruitment, Iglu

Giig takes a lot of the hassle out of finding and negotiating with recruiters; from setting standard fees and terms, to receiving candidate CVs, everything is simplified. We've found strong permanent and contract positions from Giig, and will definitely be advertising again next time that we're hiring.

Andy Patterson Picture
Andy Patterson
Software Development Manager, Edge 10

Overall Giig is now part of my day to day activities when recruiting. I think the platform works really well and it allows me to reach independent recruiters which I could never do before.

Pierre Ponsin
Pierre Ponsin
Software Development Manager, WIFI Spark

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You're never charged to use our platform +

Be in control of your recruitment fees.

  • Job Listings
  • Responses
  • Standardised Contracts
  • Dedicated Support

For Employers

  • Job Listings
  • Responses
  • Standardised Contracts
  • Dedicated Support
You're never charged to use our platform +

Be in control of your recruitment fees.

*Completely free to sign up and to post unlimited jobs.
If you hire through the Giig platform you will be charged a recruitment fee which is set at the start of the process.