If you're looking for a free candidate tracking system you will get value from the Giig Hire free forever tracker.

We’ve launched a Free Candidate Tracking System!

If you’ve ever spent a day working in recruitment, you will know that having a strong candidate network is the key to becoming successful!

Ever heard that cheesy saying:

“Your Network Is Your Net Worth”

Well in the recruitment game, this kind of rings true.

I’m not usually a fan of cliche business phraseology, but in this instance, it seems to fit…

One of the daily activities of a recruiter is to build relationships with candidates to understand what they would ideally be looking for in their next move and match them to the perfect opportunity when one arises.

Which, as we all know… Results in the recruiter receiving a tasty placement fee for their services.

As the working world is shifting, recruiters are breaking away from corporate agencies to chase the dream of working for themselves as ‘freelance recruiters’.

In the early days of working as a freelance recruiter, money is always tight and often you can end up trying to manage your candidate database on excel and losing track of who you spoke with and when.

Which can be the downfall of your success,

This is why we are building a Free ATS for you to use to prevent you from losing track of any candidates you’re building relationships with.

For those of you that have not heard of Giig’s Free ATS, I will leave the link here for you should you wish to check it out.

The Free ATS allows you to track, manage and store your candidates completely free and without limitations.

Recently, we’ve been working on improving the data we store on candidates and have launched an update to our ‘Candidate Card’

If you have a couple of minutes I will run you through the changes!

The New Candidate Card

The candidate card is the central hub on Giig for all things related to managing your candidates.

After uploading a candidate by entering their name & role title you will be taken to the candidate card which is where you store all of your documents and track any interactions related to the candidate you’re supporting.

The main features available to you on this screen are:

  • Note Taking
  • Storing CVs
  • Job Tracking
  • Candidate Journey Tracking

I’ll quickly break these down one by one.

Note Tracking

If you are speaking with multiple people on a daily basis, which I imagine most freelance recruiters are, it’s impossible to remember every detail about each interaction.

Which is why it’s important to take and store notes on your calls.

Giig’s candidate card now allows you to track notes against each candidate and categorize them as either General, Pre Screening or Interview notes.

With every interaction, you can track notes on your candidate card to refer back to at a later date.

Storing CVs

If I’m honest, I don’t think this one takes much explaining!

As a Freelance Recruiter, you will be inundated with CVs and storing them in random folders on your laptop is the quickest way to guarantee that you will never find them again!

When adding a candidate to Giig you can attach the CV which can be viewed in the candidate card on the CV tab.

By storing your candidate CVs on Giig’s Free ATS you will quickly be able to pull them up whenever you next need them.

Job Tracking

If you’re a Freelance Recruiter that has a specialist niche there is every chance that you will have multiple roles available for your candidate.

The Giig candidate card allows you to manage your candidate through multiple roles at the same time.

Every time you submit a candidate to a job, it will appear in a new tab allowing you to check the details of that role and what stage of the interview journey your candidate is at.

This leads me nicely onto…

Candidate Journey Tracking

One thing that sets a good recruiter apart from a great recruiter is making sure you give your candidates a great experience when they are going through your client’s interview process.

It’s important to ensure that your candidate is kept up to date at all times and that the interview stages flow, without any hold-ups.

The Giig candidate journey gives you a quick snapshot of the current stage of the process that your candidate is at and how long they have been waiting at the current stage.

This will allow you to keep on top of any delays and make sure that you chase companies that need to catch up with their interview feedback.

This is very much just stage one of the candidate’s journey

In future versions of the Free ATS, we will allow users to automate follow-ups!

Setting reminders to trigger calls with clients after candidates have been stuck at an interview stage for a certain period of time.

Making sure you never forget a follow-up again.

Talking of future improvements….

Future Improvements

One of our commitments to building a Free ATS is to make sure that we continue to develop it giving out as much value as we can.

Hopefully, this means you can spend less time on systems and more time dealing with your candidates and clients.

Currently, we have the following updates in the pipeline:

CV Parsing

In the recruitment game, time is of the essence!

When dealing with hundreds of candidates a month, you can lose hours manually uploading each candidate into your ATS one by one.

This is why we are planning to build a CV parsing feature.

The parse feature will allow you to drag and drop a CV into the system, which will then be scanned to pull the candidate’s details and skills into the ATS in a matter of seconds.

Making your life that little bit easier!

Multiple Documents

As mentioned, in version 1 you have the ability to upload a CV with every candidate but we can see that being slightly limiting.

When supporting your candidates you might have multiple documents like cover letters, contracts, etc which you need to store safely.

This is why we are going to build out the ability for you to be able to store more than just a CV against a candidate file.

A simple way to keep everything in the same place.

Screening Notes

Before submitting candidates to open roles it’s best practice to conduct an initial screening call….

Unless you’re one of those cowboy recruiters giving the industry a bad name by just grabbing a CV from a job board and instantly flinging it.

In the next version of the Giig candidate card, we will give you the ability to create screening templates that can be filled in when you interview candidates.

This will then be packaged up into a nice little candidate intro PDF that you can send to your clients to impress them with your thorough interview/screening process.

If you are someone that has spent the time to read this far and you have any suggestions, feedback or ideas on how we can improve the candidate card we’re all ears.

For now, however, I think that’s enough from me,

I will sign off and leave another link to Giig’s Free ATS so you can jump in and give the new candidate card a whirl.