In this blog, we look into the best candidate sourcing tools for recruiters and highlight what we believe are the best around in 2024. These candidate sourcing tools consist of tools such as:

  • Candidate relationship management (CRM) software
  • Applicant tracking systems
  • AI-powered search engines
  • Job posting boards
  • Professional networking sites
  • Social media platforms
  • Productivity tools

What Are Candidate Sourcing Tools?

Candidate sourcing tools are digital assistants for recruiters, helping you do your job and supporting you in finding and identifying potential hires. They work by scouring various online platforms and databases that house candidate information, like resumes, profiles, and social media activity.

Here’s a breakdown of what candidate sourcing tools can do:

  • Search and identify talent: These tools allow recruiters to search through vast pools of candidates based on specific criteria like skills, experience, education, and location.
  • Data analysis and filtering: They can filter through search results to target the most relevant candidates for a particular job opening.
  • Contact initiation: Some tools can help initiate contact with potential hires through features like email automation or InMail messaging on LinkedIn.
  • Relationship building: They can also be instrumental in fostering relationships with potential candidates, even if they’re not actively looking for a new job.

What Are the Best Candidate Sourcing Tools for 2024?


Description: ContactOut is a search portal for contact information that helps users find emails and phone numbers from public pages on the internet and match them to the right people. ContactOut is a recruiter’s best friend when it comes to sourcing potential candidates.

Key Features:

  • Finding Email Addresses: ContactOut has a massive database (over 300 million according to some sources) and can unearth email addresses that might not be readily available on platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Targeting the Right People: ContactOut allows you to search for candidates based on specific criteria like job title, skills, location, and even current company (if you’re targeting passive candidates).
  • LinkedIn Integration: The Chrome extension overlays ContactOut’s information directly on LinkedIn profiles.
  • Building Candidate Lists: Build targeted candidate lists.

Suitable for: Any recruiter looking to engage with candidates that they do not have contact information.

Price: Free plan available with a paid-for plan starting at $79 per month.

Giig Hire

Description: Giig Hire is a cloud-based all-in-one recruitment platform that simplifies recruitment including an ATS, CRM and recruitment website builder. The Giig Hire platform helps recruiters build and maintain relationships with potential hires. It features tools for automation, tracking candidate interactions, and generating insights on recruitment pipelines.

Key Features:

  • Email integration and bulk email outreach.
  • Comprehensive candidate tracking and engagement metrics
  • Pipeline analytics for strategic planning
  • Kanban boards and Boolean search for effective candidate management
  • Website builder and hosting capabilities
  • CV parsing including mass import

Suitable for: Suitable for independent recruiters and small recruitment agencies or any recruiter starting their own recruitment company.

Price: Forever free package available with the paid for subscription starting at $12.75 per month.


Description: Leonar streamlines the hiring process by automating recruiter communication. Leonar builds personalized message sequences that combine LinkedIn messages, InMails, and emails — all at scale. Leonar seamlessly integrates with existing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for a smooth workflow.

Key Features:

  • Streamlines communication with candidates using automated tools.
  • Ensure precise candidate-job alignment through AI-powered matching.
  • Helps you reach candidates across multiple channels, including LinkedIn, email, LinkedIn InMails, and WhatsApp.
  • Tracks recruitment performance with a comprehensive analytics dashboard.

Suitable for: Organizations looking to leverage AI to enhance their recruitment process and improve candidate fit.

Price: Contact for pricing; varies based on company size and specific needs.

LinkedIn Recruiter

Description: This platform leverages LinkedIn’s vast professional network, offering tools for finding, connecting with, and managing candidates. It’s available in Corporate and Lite versions to suit different needs.

Key Features:

  • Advanced search filters for pinpointing ideal candidates
  • InMail for direct communication with candidates
  • Integration with LinkedIn’s extensive network

Suitable for: Any recruiters wanting to tap into the world’s largest professional network.

Price: Corporate pricing generally falls within the range of $5,000 to $10,000 annually. Lite: Starting at $119.95/user/month.


Description: Formerly known as Hiretual, HireEZ is a recruitment platform that excels in candidate search and outreach. It uses AI to scour the web for candidates, offering deep insights and comprehensive candidate profiles.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered candidate sourcing across the web
  • Engagement tracking and analytics
  • Integration with major ATS platforms for streamlined workflow

Suitable for: Organizations that prioritize depth and breadth in their candidate search, from startups to large enterprises.

Price: Pricing is based on a pay-per-user model. The Startups package starts at $169 per user, while the Professional package starts at $199.


Description: Fetcher specializes in automating the sourcing process with advanced AI. It helps find, contact, and engage potential candidates, making it easier for companies to reach top talent without extensive manual effort.

Key Features:

  • Automated candidate sourcing and outreach
  • Custom candidate engagement emails
  • Analytics for tracking sourcing effectiveness

Suitable for: Companies looking to automate their candidate sourcing and outreach efforts efficiently.

Price: Free version available; plans start at $149 per user/month.


Description: Juicebox leverages cutting-edge AI to enhance candidate engagement and improve sourcing efficiency. It automates the engagement process, ensuring personalized communication with each candidate.

Key Features:

  • AI-driven candidate engagement for personalized communication
  • Advanced analytics to measure engagement success
  • Seamless integration with existing recruitment tools

Suitable for: Companies looking to automate and personalize candidate engagement at scale.

Price: Plans start at $79 per seat/month, billed annually. Free trial available.

How To Select the Right Candidate Sourcing Tools

Selecting the right candidate sourcing tools depends on your specific needs and priorities. Here’s a roadmap to guide you through the process:

1. Define Your Needs:

  • Recruitment volume: High-volume hiring might necessitate automation features like resume parsing and bulk outreach.
  • Target talent pool: Sourcing for niche roles might require a tool excelling at social media recruiting or specific job board integrations.
  • Budget: Tools range from free basic versions to feature-rich subscriptions. Consider your budget constraints.

2. Prioritize Features:

  • Search functionalities: Look for Boolean search capabilities, filters for specific skills or experience, and multi-platform search across job boards and social media.
  • Engagement tools: Email automation, candidate relationship management (CRM) features and multichannel outreach options can streamline communication.
  • Analytics and reporting: Track sourcing effectiveness with features that measure response rates, time-to-hire metrics, and source quality.

3. Consider Integrations:

  • Does the tool integrate seamlessly with your existing applicant tracking system (ATS) or HR software?
  • Integration with popular job boards and social media platforms can save time and effort.

4. Usability and User Experience:

  • Choose a tool with an intuitive interface that’s easy for your team to learn and use.
  • Consider free trials or demos to assess user experience before committing.

5. Customer Support:

  • Reliable customer support is crucial for troubleshooting and maximizing the tool’s effectiveness.
  • Research user reviews and inquire about support options offered by different vendors.

By following these steps and considering your specific requirements, you can select the right candidate sourcing tools that empower your recruitment efforts and help you find the top talent you need.