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Let’s be honest, it is no good having an excellent network of candidates if you don’t have any clients to put them in front of, so knowing how to sell recruitment services is essential to being a successful freelance recruiter. From leveraging job posting websites to harnessing the potential of social media and networking events, this blog highlights some of the key strategies to utilise when selling your recruitment services.

1. Take Advantage of Job Posting Websites:

Job posting websites such as Indeed, CV-Library and LinkedIn Jobs (The 5 Best Free Job Boards of 2023) are an excellent starting point when identifying which clients are worth selling to and targeting. Using these job boards to help identify companies that are actively hiring, facing recruitment challenges, or undergoing rapid expansion, will help you pinpoint potential clients that are more susceptible to welcoming your expertise. This strategy allows you to hit the bull’s eye with businesses actively seeking solutions to their hiring needs.

The question then is who you approach, and this will depend on aspects like the size of the company, the type of hire and even their recruitment process. The obvious contacts to approach would be the hiring manager if you know it, the Talent Acquisition manager or sometimes going straight to the CEO works best. Once you have identified the companies and contacts you wish to target, it is then about how you target them. This can be through emailing, cold calling or some kind of warm approach through a connection in your network. Try to be creative and sell your services well, as you will want to grab their attention and these contacts are most likely getting multiple recruiters reaching out.

2. Email Marketing:

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing remains a powerful tool in the recruitment services toolkit. Integrations with customer relationship management (CRM) (Best Recruitment CRM Software — The Top 7 Free Platforms) tools enhance the precision of your outreach efforts. Specialising your focus on businesses you have highlighted from the approach in section one or targeting small to medium-sized businesses within your niche allows you to build a targeted marketing list efficiently. Showcase your ability to connect the right talent with the right opportunities, demonstrating the tangible value you bring to prospective clients.

CRM Integration:

Explore advanced features of CRM tools to personalise your email campaigns—Utilise analytics to measure the effectiveness of your emails and tailor your approach based on client responses.

Automated for Efficiency:

Implement email automation to streamline your outreach efforts. This allows you to maintain regular communication without manual effort, ensuring that your brand remains at the forefront of clients’ minds. Using your targeted list you can set up tailored automated emails using any of these platforms and more:

What is your preferred platform for email automation? Let us know what you use.

Niche Targeting:

Fine-tune your email marketing strategy by keeping to your specific niches within your industry. Deliver content that resonates with the unique challenges and opportunities faced by businesses in those niches.

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3. Follow-Up Calls:

While emails are indispensable, the true game-changer often lies in follow-up calls. Acknowledging that emails may be overlooked in the hustle of daily business activities, initiating a follow-up call ensures that your message is not only received but also acknowledged. Whether met with rejection or curiosity, each call presents an opportunity to refine your approach and tailor your services to the unique needs of potential clients. Additionally, regular follow-ups with existing clients provide valuable feedback and open avenues for potential upselling opportunities.

Personalised Conversations:

During follow-up calls, focus on personalised conversations. Understand the specific pain points of the client and articulate how your recruitment services can be a solution to their challenges.

Feedback Loop:

Create a feedback loop by consistently seeking input from clients. Use their feedback to enhance your services, demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement and client satisfaction.

4. Gather Referrals:

Word-of-mouth referrals are one of the most cost-effective and powerful sales strategies. Providing an exceptional experience to your clients compels them to become your brand ambassadors. Actively seeking referrals, whether integrated into regular communications or strategic email marketing campaigns, help cultivate a network of advocates who amplify your reach within their professional circles. The power of a recommendation from a satisfied client is unparalleled in its ability to build trust and credibility.

Cultivating Advocates:

Build strong relationships with your clients, transforming them into advocates for your brand. Encourage and incentivize referrals, turning satisfied clients into active promoters of your recruitment services.

Strategic Referral Campaigns:

Design targeted referral campaigns as part of your overall marketing strategy. This could include referral discounts, exclusive events for advocates or recognition programs to showcase your appreciation for their support.

5. Use Social Media:

Social media is arguably the most powerful tool in the modern era of recruitment. With a particular emphasis on platforms like LinkedIn, emerges as a potent tool in your recruitment services arsenal. Beyond elevating brand awareness through consistent content updates, these platforms offer a unique opportunity to foster relationships with potential clients. The networking capabilities of platforms like LinkedIn enable you to connect directly with decision-makers, positioning your services at the forefront of their minds. A strategic and engaging social media presence can significantly contribute to your recruitment business’s visibility and success. Like the automated email outreach, having a social media presence will work in the background and provide inbound opportunities where clients reach out to you.

LinkedIn as a Powerhouse:

Dive deep into the potential of LinkedIn as a central platform for your social media strategy. From creating an impactful company profile to leveraging LinkedIn groups, explore the various features that make it a powerhouse for recruitment services.

Content Marketing on Social Media:

Develop a content marketing strategy tailored to social media platforms. Share valuable insights, industry trends, and success stories to position your brand as a thought leader in the recruitment space.

Engaging with Decision-Makers:

Use social media as a tool to engage directly with decision-makers. Participate in relevant conversations, share your expertise, and build relationships that extend beyond traditional sales channels.

6. Attend Industry Events:

Participating in industry and local networking events is a proactive approach to establishing connections with a diverse array of professionals. These events provide a platform to interact with potential clients, colleagues, and influencers in your space. Nurturing these relationships lays the foundation for future collaborations and keeps you abreast of the latest trends and developments in your industry. By attending such events, you position yourself as an active and engaged player in the recruitment space, further enhancing your business’s credibility.


When looking at how to sell your recruitment services, the art of selling demands a diverse and strategic approach. The strategies highlighted in this blog underscore the importance of not just identifying potential clients but creatively approaching them to stand out in a crowded field. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t suffice; instead, leverage a variety of strategies to maximize your impact. Automated email marketing, while efficient, gains potency when personalised to resonate with specific industry challenges. While emails lay the foundation, the true game-changer lies in personalised follow-up calls, acknowledging the human element in the recruitment process. Social media, especially LinkedIn, is a powerhouse for brand visibility and provides direct connections with decision-makers. Active participation in industry events positions you as an engaged player, fostering diverse connections. Integrating these strategies establishes your brand as a trusted partner in the recruitment industry, unlocking the potential for thriving success. So, embrace diversity, creativity, and a personalised approach and watch your recruitment business flourish.