Here’s the first developer log for the Giig Hire platform. We are constantly developing, improving, and updating the platform and it is only now we are telling the world.

Up to this point, all features have been documented through other blogs which you can read here.

This is the first of many developer log updates as we continue to build a powerful platform for freelance recruiters.

New Features

  • Job Card — Get a more in-depth view of each job that you are working on. Taking control of the listing information for the job and the applicants that have been sent to the role so far.
  • AI Candidate Matching — From the new job card, dive straight into finding relevant candidates for the role. This feature uses AI to find matching keywords within your candidates’ CV to find relevant that are already in your database to send to the role.
  • AI Website Generation — Prior to this first log, we developed a free website builder for freelance recruiters and now it is enhanced further with AI generating your content for you and randomly generating the structure of your website based on the information you’ve already provided.

New Additions

  • New Fields For Company Creation — We have added fields to collect an agreed fee and location which allow us to provide further accuracy to data display across the platform. And we have added a Summary input and Benefits input which will become required to go along with a future update.
  • New Fields For The Job Creation Process — We have added fields to collect Industry, Agreed Fee, and Location which help us improve the accuracy of the AI Candidate Matching feature and our Advanced Search. And we have added a Job Summary and Responsibilities input which goes toward a future update.

Bug Fixes

Check out all the updates here or click here to jump into Giig