A quick guide to Freelance Recruiting! 5 things that you need to consider before making the jump to freelance.

Becoming an Independent Recruiter can offer more freedom, flexibility, and earning potential. Here’s what to keep in mind when freelance recruiting:

1. Gain experience: It is recommended to have 5 years of experience at a staffing agency before starting your own freelance recruiting career. This will give you the skills and network you need to find clients and candidates.

2. Niche down: Specialise in a specific industry to become an expert and communicate effectively with clients and candidates.

3. Plan and set up your business: Consider your target niche, work location, client acquisition strategy, and candidate sourcing plan. Set up a limited company, choose a business name, open a business bank account, use an applicant tracking system (ATS), and an accountant.

4. Find clients: Hunt for companies actively hiring and pitch your services. Charge 10–25% of the candidate’s annual salary. Have a contract written up by a lawyer to ensure payment.

5. Sourcing candidates: Utilise your extensive network built over the years and be experienced in finding suitable candidates for open positions.

Struggling to know where to start?

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