This latest update to the Giig Hire platform has a bunch of new features which we think will help anyone interested in freelance recruiting.

To finish off the month we have a pretty large update to the Giig Hire platform with a bunch of new features which we think will help anyone interested in freelance recruiting.

If you want to check out developer log #1 then you can do so here.

New Features

  • Multi Users — Introducing multi-user accounts. Although we are built specifically for freelance recruiters we didn’t want to discourage growth so our newest feature to introduce multiple user accounts means you can now grow your company and your ATS grows with you.
  • AI Generation Summaries — We are continuing to merge AI into the Giig hire platform as much as possible to help our users run and grow their businesses. This update introduces AI generation for company summaries, job summaries, and candidate pitches.
  • Website AI Content Generation — Last developer log we touched on how AI generation enabled us to create unique websites for each of our users. Now we have taken it a step further to enable every textarea on the website to be instantly filled with AI content based on a simple user prompt.

New Additions

  • Edit/Delete Notes — Recently we received a live chat asking for a QOL change to the notes features to allow for notes to be edited and deleted. So we built it.
  • Usage page — We have introduced a new usage page in the settings to allow users to keep track of how many AI credits they have used. 
  • Style changes — Updated the style of a few buttons across the board to make things more visible.
  • Displaying profile pictures on pipelines — We have added the company logo and user profile pictures to the interview and database pipeline views.
  • Updated sign-up flow — we have made changes to the onboarding and sign-up process for invited users to make the process more seamless.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the save button would disappear after saving a note in the candidate and company cards.
  • There were some instances where users would get caught in an infinite loop when trying to add a job or add a candidate.
  • Fixed an issue where some users were seeing an error message when trying to remove a candidate from their database. 

Check out all the updates here or click here to jump into Giig