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The Agency Model Is Dying

Giig connects you directly with the independent recruiter that does the work, without having all the negatives that can be attached to the agency model. It creates a flexible way to get recruitment support. You can choose how you engage with the Freelance Recruiters and at a price that suits you.

Recruiters are the workhorse to any agency. Giig provides you with power to use these independent recruiters to add value to your hiring process. By removing the agency we streamline the process without compromising on the recruitment quality.

Absolutely Not! Giig takes away the admin headache associated with dealing with independent recruiters by putting everything under one roof and having everyone adhere to the same centralised contract and hiring process.

Giig has already successfully helped over 250 applicants get hired. With that number growing every month.

For independent recruiters, filling jobs is thier livelihood so they work harder to help you see success.

Giig is completely free to signup. Without any restrictions on the number of roles you can post, applicants you recieve or recruiters you engage with.

The only cost to you is when you make a successful hire and you are in control of what you spend as you set the fee at the start of the process.

If you don't successfully hire you don't pay a penny to anyone.


Recruit Your Way

Decide from a variety of models and recruit in the way that suits you best.


Contingency Giig

With contingency recruitment, there is no upfront financial commitment. You advertise roles at a % or Fixed Fee price that suits you and you only pay on results.

Day Rate Giig

Set a day rate you’re happy to pay and choose the number of days of support you need. You pay the recruiter the agreed day rate, whilst they work on roles across your organisation.

Monthly Retainer Giig

Set the monthly fee you're happy to pay and how many months you need help for and get recruiters applying to work for you on a monthly basis on any roles you have.

PSL Giig

Manage your preferred list of independent recruiters using Giig by inviting the recruiters you've built relationships with and pass them open roles with the confidence they will find you the best talent.

Features That Make Hiring Easier And Faster

Stops Recruitment Spam

Only the recruiters you decide you want to work with get your contact information.

Centralises Freelancers

Get access to the best independent recruiters in the business whilst only dealing with one company.

Standardised Contract

All recruiters adhere to our standardised contract so it will be the last recruitment contract you'll ever sign.

Candidate GDPR Compliance

All candidates are required to give approval for their details to be sent to the employer keeping data GDPR compliant.

Risk Free

It's free to sign up, free to list jobs and free to interview candidates. No risk, at all!


The Giig rating system allows you to assess recruiters before choosing who you want to work with.

Post Jobs Your Way

Post single jobs, set out monthly retainers, hire recruiters on a day rate or create a PSL for long term savings.

Clear Pricing

When posting a job on Giig you set the fee that you're willing to pay.

Only Pay If You Hire

If you don't fill the role then you don't pay a penny.

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