This latest update to the Giig Hire platform has a bunch of new features which we think will help anyone interested in freelance recruiting.

A short hop skip from our last push and we’re here with our next one. This one brings a much-needed feature that is going to improve the lives of every user on Giig. Our free software built specifically for Freelance Recruiters keeps getting better with every push and this is another free feature we’re bringing to our free ATS and CRM to improve the businesses of every freelance recruiter around the world.

Here’s a breakdown of this push.

New Features

  • Email Integration — You can now connect your Giig account to your Microsoft account. This could be your exchange account, 365, @outlook, @live or @hotmail.
  • Send, View & Reply — You can now send emails to your candidates, view the email threads, and reply to emails you receive. Keeping your candidate’s communication in one place.
  • Email Signature — Giig auto-creates an email signature for you to use in an instant based on the details provided in your account.

New Additions

  • Fullscreen views — A new full-screen modal has been added to the platform to allow us to have more screen real estate to our popups. This is mainly in place to make way for some exciting future plans.
  • New Candidate Card — A vast improvement to the candidate card is now available which takes advantage of the new full-screen view. This new card is embedded with our new email integration and it has allowed us to refresh the look with a cleaner UI.
  • Job Spec Upload — A job specification file can now be added to the job in addition to adding the information manually. Allowing you to store the company job spec with the job.
  • Footer Popup — A new sticky footer has been introduced giving us an always-ready way to send an email to your intended recipient.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the skills indicator on the candidate card where it would incorrectly display as true instead of false in some cases where no skills were provided.
  • Fixed an issue where a job creation process would result in a failed message for some new users.

Check out all the updates here or click here to jump into Giig