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As I watch AI pick up traction online, I can’t help but question, whether it’s achievable to build an AI recruitment agency!

The Role of AI in Recruitment:

You are living under a rock if you haven’t noticed that artificial intelligence is making waves this year.

Since the launch of ChatGPT back in November 2022, large language model artificial intelligence chatbots have gone from strength to strength.

For anyone who’s unfamiliar with large-language artificial intelligence chatbots here’s a quick definition:

Large language model chatbots (LLM) are a type of artificial intelligence that can mimic human intelligence. They use statistical models to analyze vast amounts of data, learning the patterns and connections between words and phrases.

Which ultimately means: that if you ask it a question, it’s highly likely to have an answer for you!

If you’re interested in reading about large language models in detail this blog from is a good place to start.

Large Language Models Explained

So what is the role of large language models in recruitment and how can you use them to increase your efficiency?

The three best uses of artificial intelligence in recruitment are candidate matching, education and copywriting.

Candidate Matching is common in most ATS & CRM systems. Recruiters can now use AI to quickly identify which candidates will be a match for the roles their recruiting for.

Educating yourself is another powerful use of AI large language models. Personally, I use AI for inspiration and education when I come up against a business challenge I can’t solve.

Copywriting is another use for AI to increase efficiency and save time. You can use AI to write any content from business development emails to candidate feedback emails.

AI in recruitment is currently fairly generic, however, it can definitely save time for freelancers and small agencies.

Building an AI Recruitment Agency:

So with that in mind, let’s quickly clarify if it is currently possible to build an AI recruitment agency.

I believe all of us would agree that AI has made some advancements this year, it is pretty clear.

However, I feel like we’re still a few years away from being able to build AI recruitment agencies.

Which might not be a bad thing,

Having an AI Recruitment agency that can manage everything sounds fantastic. However, if it was possible, it would also make the recruitment industry extinct.

The industry would shut down instantly. Businesses would stop using recruitment agencies and exclusively use the AI option.

Looking into the future who knows what will become possible with artificial intelligence? Maybe one day it will be possible to build an AI recruitment agency. Although I don’t envision this becoming possible in the next couple of generations.

Giig Hire AI Tools:

So, if building an AI recruitment agency isn’t achievable. What tools are available in Giig Hire to improve your recruitment capabilities?

The Giig Hire platform has a collection of AI Tools included to help you increase your recruitment efficiency.

The tools currently available are:

  • AI Candidate Pitch Generator
  • AI Job Description Generaion
  • AI Company Pitch Generator
  • AI Recruitment Website Generator

The AI tools referenced above are available on the Giig Hire platform. I have attached the link below for anyone interested in taking a look.

Giig Hire AI Recruitment Tools

If you’re a freelance recruiter who’s interested in reading about the all-in-one recruitment platform from Giig. The link below will show you what’s available in the tool.

Giig Hire Free Recruitment Software