This latest update to the Giig Hire platform has a bunch of new features which we think will help anyone interested in freelance recruiting.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on the progress of the Giig Hire platform. We’ve been busy building free software for freelance recruiters and trying to provide as much value as possible. The result of which means that we have had a few updates pushed to the platform which i’ve bundled all together in this one entry.

Here’s a breakdown of everything included in our latest couple of pushes.

New Features

  • Stripe Integration — We have now fully integrated Stripe as our payment gateway to allow for paid subscriptions.
  • New Onboarding Process — A new streamlined onboarding process means that new users can now get into their accounts quicker.
  • Custom Domain Names — Custom domain names can now be attached to user websites allowing their Giig built website accessible through their business’ domain name.

New Additions

  • Delete Candidate — Update to deleting a candidate from your database now means you can remove candidates that have gone through the recruitment process.
  • Premium Limits For Subscribers — We have added rocket fuel to the monthly credit limits making Giig even more powerful for our new pay packages.
  • Billing Page — A new billing page to help manage payments and billing information for subscriptions. Including updating card information, viewing upcoming invoices, and downloading past payment receipts.
  • New Currencies — Added Yen, BDT, INR, and AED to our available currency list.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the forgot password function where some users were unable to reset their password.
  • Fixed a bug where numbers weren’t counting correctly on your dashboard when removing candidates and jobs from your account leading to incorrect data being displayed.
  • Fixed an error with the display of the Remote/Onsite label when viewing a job on a job board.
  • Fixed an issue where some users have been unable to remove team members from their accounts.
  • Fixed an issue where jobs were unable to be closed from the ‘Live Jobs’ table.

Check out all the updates here or click here to jump into Giig