This latest update to the Giig Hire platform has a bunch of new features which we think will help anyone interested in freelance recruiting.

A Free Job Board to go along with our Free ATS and Free CRM has been a much-requested feature by many freelance recruiters using the Giig Hire platform.

Although on the face of it, it seems like a pretty straightforward function seen across many other platforms, in reality, due to the nature of Giig Hire; what we are doing with the product now and what our plans are for the future of the platform, there were many steps we had to take before we could tackle this.

As an example of this. We wanted to make the jobs easy to create whilst retaining the high quality that freelance recruiters would be happy to use and share, so we introduced AI generation into our company summaries and job summaries. You can read about what we added last update here.

Here’s what we have added to this push.

New Features

  • Job Board — A free job board for all freelance recruiters is now ready, embedded directly within the same account that houses everything else. Advertise your jobs directly to your Free Website and get candidates applying directly to your roles.
  • Quick Share Links — Instantly share jobs to your social platforms using quick share buttons.
  • New Dashboard — Introducing our new dashboard. See your working stats in an instant and quickly navigate to where you need to go.
  • Apply Directly — Candidates can now apply directly to jobs through your website and job board and automatically be added to your candidate database.

New Additions

  • Job board page on your website — When activated, a new page is added to your website.
  • Attach a company to a job — After you’ve added a job, you can now attach that job from the job card to a company.
  • Added metadata to website pages — When sharing your home page, jobs page, or a single job the metadata will now reflect the page you’re sharing.
  • Active candidates table — Added a new page that shows all candidates that are active in a table form.
  • New applicants table — Added a new page that shows all candidates that have applied to your jobs through your job board.
  • New job board page — To go along with our new integrated job boards, we have also added a new area in the new to see all jobs on your board, applicants who have applied, and a quick link to see what your customers see.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where job owners were unable to edit their own jobs
  • Fixed an issue where the website navigation menu would break when trying to remove a page from the menu.

Check out all the updates here or click here to jump into Giig