What Is A Giig?

A giig is our way of categorising the type of oppurtunities we have on our platform.

The most common and popular type of Giig, is contingency. A contingency giig is our version of the traditional hire, the employer and the recruiter agree to a fee; fixed or a percentage, and candidates are sent to to the roles based on the agreed fees, with payment only being made by the employer of the success of a hire.

We take Giig a step further by giving independent recruiters the opportunity to get on to day rate contract; to add additional help to a company’s already stretched internal team.

A monthly retainer Giig that gives you the opportunity to work with an employer on a monthly basis.

And Lastly we the independent recruiter the opportunity to join a companies preferred supplier list, to ensure you always have a constant stream of jobs to work on.

Apply to giig

Once you have found an opportunity to work on, you can then apply, filling in all the information that you find will be helpful to enable the employer to choose a recruiter to support them, ultimately this is your opportunity to sell yourself, your services and how your experience in the field puts you as the prime candidate to help them fill their roles.

Start Applying

Submit Proposals That Give Confidence

Our Giig application process is built on more effort equals more reward. A proposal automatically pulls in information from your profile, your experience and any candidates information that you provide that you believe could be relevant to the employers open roles. Once you have filled out all the information on your profile submitting a proposal to a Giig takes no longer than 60 seconds and could land you a new client, adding thousands to your pipeline.

Submitting Candidates

Once connected to a Giig, submitting a candidate is extremely simple but also GDPR compliant. Creating the candidate with basic information, uploading their CV and then submitting them to the role takes a mere number of seconds.

Each candidate is then saved ready in your candidate database and added in to your Giig screen allowing you to easily see a complete overview of every candidate you having process.

Once you have submitted an applicant to a role, they are first held in an “Awaiting Approval” status, at this stage, the candidate automatically recieves an email and is required to approve themselves to be submitted to the role. By approving themselves they are giving express permission for their information to be sent to the employing company and confirm that you as the independent recruiter has spoken to them regarding the role.

Once the candidate is with the employer Giig deals with everything else. You will be informed if they are every rejected and you will be notified if they make it all the way to being hired. At which time its time to celebrate with a glass of Prosecco and generate your invoice.