What Is A Giig?

A giig is our way of categorising the type of oppurtunities we have on our platform. The most common and popular type of Giig, is contingency.

A contingency giig is our version of the traditional hire, the employer and the recruiter agree to a fee; fixed or a percentage, and candidates are sent to to the roles based on the agreed fees, with payment only being made by the employer of the success of a hire.

We take Giig a step further by allowing employers to hire contract recruiters on a day rate; for the additional help.

A monthly Giig allows an employer to commit to a number of jobs whilst getting the best rate from the recruiter to work with them on a monthly basis.

And Lastly we allow the employer to create a PSL – Preferred suppliers list, where they can further streamline their recruitment process by using the recruiters they know, like and trust.

Choose Your Recruiters With Confidence

Before a budding relationship between an employer and a recruiter can be established the recruiter sends a proposal outlining why they are the best possible person to work with the employer. Its like a virtual shop window! We have developed a unique proposal which is mostly auto-generated based on the data we have on the recruiter whilst also allowing each proposal to be customised to the specific role


Receive candidates for your roles around the clock.

Once a recrutiter and an employer are connected, the recruiter is then free to send candidates to the roles, which they believe will be a good fit for the employers roles. When sent to a job, all candidates are required to approve their submission to the role. Specifically confirming that they have spoken to the recruiter, they are aware of the role they are being submitted to and happy for their information to be shared with the employer.

Giig has a fully integrated interview board. Allowing employers to easily manage where each applicant is in the recruitment process for their company. All this information is seamlessly integrated with the recruiter removing any confusion and removing the need to send update emails. Giig has all of your communication covered.

Mark the applicants you hire on the platform to round off the recruitment process. On average our data shows it takes an average of 18 days for applicants to get to this point.