Becoming a freelance recruiter can offer more freedom, flexibility, and earning potential. Here’s what to keep in mind:

1. Gain experience: It is recommended to have 5 years of experience at a staffing agency before starting your own freelance recruiting career. This will give you the skills and network you need to find clients and candidates.

2. Niche down: Specialise in a specific industry to become an expert and communicate effectively with clients and candidates.

3. Plan and set up your business: Consider your target niche, work location, client acquisition strategy, and candidate sourcing plan. Set up a limited company, choose a business name, open a business bank account, use an applicant tracking system (ATS), and an accountant.

4. Find clients: Hunt for companies actively hiring and pitch your services. Charge 10–25% of the candidate’s annual salary. Have a contract written up by a lawyer to ensure payment.

5. Sourcing candidates: Utilise your extensive network built over the years and be experienced in finding suitable candidates for open positions.

Struggling to know where to start?

We (, offer a free ATS which is everything you need for your applicant tracking. Once you have started building your network/database on Giig you will then have the added benefit of being connected to clients that use the Giig marketplace.