Photo by Fabian Irsara on Unsplash

Behind the scenes, we have been working hard to build a product that benefits and helps all independent recruiters to be more successful in running their small enterprises. Whilst this has always been our goal until now it has not actually been possible for us to provide a platform to the majority of the independent recruiters that signup to Giig.

What once was a marketplace built with the principle of first come first serve. Is now a marketplace where we can give the opportunity to all independent recruiters by harnessing the power of an applicant tracking system.

We recognised that there were thousands of recruiters that would love the opportunity to help our employers in our marketplace, whilst at the same time there are thousands of recruiters that are in need of a simple, powerful, and time-efficient platform to keep track of the hundreds or candidates they need to manage on a daily/weekly basis. That is why we have set out to deal with both these requirements by building an Applicant Tracking System that is available for free for all recruiters, and that is built to help you fill more jobs.

Whilst we cannot guarantee giving roles to all recruiters that signup to Giig, our aim is to help as many independent recruiters as possible to be successful. Moving forward with the ATS as our main product for independent recruiters we will be looking to engage opportunities for those independent recruiters who have the best matching candidate database to a job.

How does candidate matching work?

When a job is added by an employer to Giig. The platform will perform a skill match search between the skills required on the job and the skills listed against candidates in your database. If there is a match between the two then you get the opportunity to pitch to that client. We figured, if you currently have Senior developers in your candidate database and you are actively working on filling developer roles then you are likely best placed to help an employer who is looking to fill a developer position.

Every independent recruiter that signups uses and utilises the Free applicant tracking system stands a better chance of gaining access to employers. Whilst we make the process of dealing with candidates easy, we also give you the ability to fill roles you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

The Giig ATS is free right now for you to sign up for, and it will continue to be free forever. Your account will not be limited by the number of jobs you can add, nor by the number of candidates you can add. Click here to get started today!